The New Influence – how to build an influential brand online in the age of digital disruption

For better or worse, social media has transformed the way customers find, share and discuss news and information. But in a sea of distractions, algorithm changes and a decline in organic reach, how can brands stay relevant to an increasingly overwhelmed consumer? In this session, Ste outlines what’s on the horizon of digital communications and how organisations can build a long-term influential brand now and for the future.

Speaker: Ste Davies – Digital Consultant

AI and the future of business

In a world where many believe access to more and more data will lead to ever better decision-making, Daniel will look at what AI really is, what it can achieve, and the potential pitfalls. Daniel will outline a framework for understanding data-driven decision-making, as well as identifying the future challenges and opportunities for AI. Daniel will argue why we need to embrace these emerging technologies, and will discuss the real, philosophical and ethical issues surrounding them.

Speaker: Daniel Hulme – CEO & Founder Satalia

The new dynamic of disruption

From political instability to robohotels, from Virtual reality staycations to universal basic incomes, what are the new set of disruptors reshaping the business landscape for travel and accommodation? Leo Johnson, presenter of BBC Radio 4’s flagship series “FutureProofing” scans the horizon for weak signals of change, mapping out the colliding megatrends that will redefine customer needs, and the next generation of risks and opportunities for the industry.

Speaker: Leo Johnson – Disruption lead, PwC

Conference opening

09.10 – 09.20 (10 mins)

Susan Crook, RDO Chairperson, opens this year’s conference RDO10.

09.20 – 09.30 (10 mins)

RDO10 Moderator Jeremy Skidmore welcomes delegates to RDO10 and sets out the order of the day.

Education Session: All things legal

The legal panel will brief delegates on developments in the areas RDO is most engaged in at present. This will cover the latest position on the lobby to deal with the over 100 rulings on timeshare from the Spanish Supreme Court, the progress of this year’s enhanced enforcement programme and the myriad of legal issues delegates find themselves dealing with. Come and quiz the experts.


Eugene Miskelly – General Counsel, CLC World Resorts & Hotels
José Miguel Echenagusia – Vice President Legal Services EMEAA, Interval International
Paul Gardner Bougaard – Chief Executive, RDO Ltd
Rob Webb – Partner, BakerHostetler

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